Green Energy Economy Technology

Tar Kovacs Systems, a French Company started in March 2003, by a strong feeling of indignation in front of a last ocean oil major pollution made by the oil tanker “Prestige” and almost in front of the involved industrialists.

Apart from technical means failure, the global cost policy of oil industries are another major factor for the lack of oil cleaning and recovery solutions.

During months, local populations of the world spend its time and forces to do the work, taking risks for its health and account of the future financial and economy costs.

The starting point was the technical proposition made by one Major to build a concrete bunker on the two broken sunk tanker parts at a depth of 3600m.

The challenge then, was to imagine a cheap and efficient technical solution to recover any oil pollution from the ocean, anywhere, by any weather, at the surface or in deepness.

That gave the initial idea of the “submarine self-contained dynamic structure” and the ultra deep supple riser. These ideas, strongly confirmed by Spanish and French official institution for ocean’s technologies, then by some off shore major companies, were registered as international patents.

The Company was registered in 2007 to shape up the solutions to all the major issues of the world. Within a short span of time, the company achieved remarkable recognition world-wide. Following its successful journey, Tar Kovacs systems decided to expand its branch to India and it was registered as “Tar Kovacs systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.” in Gujarat in 2012.

The core philosophy of this company is being a complete “Research & Development”.

On the time of demonstration, thanks to its international development and pro-active governance of Gujarat that took us to this stage.