Green Energy Economy Technology
5th Oct, 2012

Team of Tar Kovacs Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd- Research & Development, which includes Mr. Stefan Tarkovacs (Chairman & Founder), Mr. Rahul Mishra (General Director for India) and Dr. Anil Shrivastava (Alliance Director), was invited at National Institute Of Co-operative Management (NICM) by Prof (Dr.) S. O. Junare (Technical Director of NICM) for a talk on ocean technology and its impact on India on 5th Oct, 2012.

The talk was followed by a global presentation on the innovative technology developed by Tar Kovacs systems (India) Pvt. Ltd. during the course of its research in last 10 years to the students. The main intention to set this presentation by the institute management was to encourage students to participate more in this growing field of ocean technology.

This programme ended with a dialogue between Tar Kovacs Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd and NICM directors to engage students in the research area of the company by students training program, on which company agreed. It was also aimed for the future placement activity on which further dialogue exchange will be decided by board of the company.