Green Energy Economy Technology
11th Jan, 2013

Tar Kovacs Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd. - Research & Development signed MOU with Energy & Petrochemical Department, Govt. of Gujarat for generation of 100 MW constant electricity in full sea by renewable sources of electricity on 11th Jan, 2013 at Vibrant Global Summit 2013. This MOU is signed between Principal Secretary of energy & Petrochemicals department (Mr. D.J. Pandian) and Chairman of the company (Mr. Stefan Tarkovacs). In this MOU, Govt. of Gujarat accepted the proposal of the company and assured its support to the company to set up its R&D in Gujarat and generating electricity. Govt. of Gujarat ended this MOU with wishes to the company for good future relations with the state.

Tar Kovacs Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.- Research & Development is in process of further work with the state for establishment of this project in Gujarat.