Green Energy Economy Technology
This starting century let come a new deal between the earth and human kind, between nations, between people and their needs.

This new time needs new ideas and new behavior, particularly from industrialists and investors to help that world continue to grow up without destroying itself.

This is the mind in which TAR KOVACS SYSTEMS is working for technical innovation in the fields of clean technologies and renewable energy production means.

Our policy is not limited to green and clean attitudes but wants also make the fossil energy more secure and cleaner, the deeper and deeper extraction easier and safe. In these fields also, our applications would bring new strong potentials.

Our technology is unique in the world to cumulate these opposite options and possible applications. Why?

TAR KOVACS SYSTEMS has done the process of invention with the fuel cell principle, in a spirit close to what we consider as the technology of the living organisms, result of an incredible capacity of creativity. In that mind, any successful concept is a break of the state of art.

The first consequence of our mind of innovation and our concept is in the opposite of conventional technologies working against the environment and its forces. Our technology is rather always using natural components of the environment to comply with its mission. Then, our solutions are as well available for oil slicks self-cleaning up vessels as for off shore renewable power generation, with new potentials for both.

Our technology is coming from a new way to conceive the fuel cell as a whole body, and it gives new types of means and tools that allow technical and economical potentials out of competition.

But as a concept, based on well known separates technologies, like the wheel based on the wood, steel or plastic knowledge’s, its applications are unlimited. This is the second consequence

But the remarkable dimension of our technology is somewhere else:

Our off shore, deep or subsurface power stations, free of any foundations or anchors, self-going on location and return (maintenance), with tens of embedded turbines for simultaneous different sources (wind, tidal, sun, stream, temperature), free of any preparation work and using only one supplying cable to the coast (also installed by another of our applications), are getting a totally safe position in front of any hurricane, typhoon or wave, without assistance, anywhere on the oceans.

These power stations (international patent) are supplying electric power on shore and all other applications, like ships (international patent) submarine drones (international patent) and all off shore applications like deep drilling, deep raw material excavation, wild itinerant fish farms, deep clear water wells collecting, oil slick cleaning up, ultra deep recovery and so on.

Our ship hull concept is also made as a living body, totally unsinkable, using only clean, cheap and renewable sources of energy, and allows months of autonomy by its construction, free of any mechanical parts. The new way of propulsion, available for all kinds of hull, will allow new design and new touch with water. Half conventional power will be required for low and high speeds. Its energy sources comes from....ocean too.

Would industrialists in charge of this century turn have an audacious reactivity to build with TAR KOVACS SYSTEMS a serial of new markets?

Our fuel celled industrial bodies will be the step that a climate change requires in our time, just when needed.

Tarkovacs Stefan