Green Energy Economy Technology

Renewable Energy : We have a renewable energy production plan, constant in nature. New innovative technologies are concerned with a large scale programme. None of the renewable energy technologies currently being used across the globe are capable of providing constant electricity.

We are the solution for the future demand to maintain a balance in the demand-supply chain. With years passing by, research in this field will be more and hence will result in more power generation capacities at even cheaper costs.
With the increasing exponential demand of electricity in the market, it seems urgent to find immediate solution to make an equilibrium between demand & generation and also to tackle global warming issues. Green house gas emissions, Ozone layer depletions are magniloquently spoken issues which needs an alternate green market that can be an intermediate to solve the needs of the people and to be fit in the global issues. With all these points in view, Tar Kovacs Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.- Research & Development is set to fit in this condition and demand of the world.

Other projects includes:

Ship refurbishment: In R&D- progressive state.

Fishery: In R&D- progressive state

Ship Building: In R&D- Progressive state

Deep Raw materials: In R&D- Progressive state.