Rahul Mishra
General Director for India- Tar Kovacs Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Mr. Rahul, a graduate in electronics & communication engineering, has an illustrious career spanning over in the field of research & development and business leadership. He is associated with NASA and some prestigious institutions world-wide and currently a member of NSPIER (NASA). He is one of the inventors and actively involved in the intellectual design to accelerate the innovations that enables to create new business domains. He was called to attend the workshop on renewable energy at London in November, 2010. A distinguished innovator, due to his meritorious work, he was also selected as a candidate for Zyed future energy Prize (A global submit for renewable energy) - held at Abu Dhabi in January, 2011. He has experience and knowledge in the field of magnetism, renewable energy concept, mobile and antenna, VVLSI, Propelling system.

  • He is a man who always sees life in a positive light and believes in confronting challenges head-on. At a young age he has made an indelible imprint in innovative invention conglomerate and a fountain of inspiration to any aspiring.

  • A technology aficionado himself, he is keen to encourage the growth and development of young engineering talent. With his dynamic spirit and innovative abilities, he has received widespread recognition internationally and in India for innovation.

  • He has charismatic ability to reach out to people, and transmit thought and idea to diverse target. He has successfully led some of the most challenging times and enabled it to emerge stronger.

  • He took major initiatives to attract, retain and groom talent, giving youth self-belief and helping them win back the confidence.

  • Innovation solutions, services he delivers are revolutionizing , responsible for driving new business, building loyalty, ensuring high product retention , developing and executing that foster an entrepreneurial spirit and a culture that promotes at all levels, creating an ideal atmosphere for passionate, performance-oriented .

  • A distinguished inventor & designer having its footprints across the globe, credited with many path-breaking initiatives in technology, thoroughly groomed in innovation, his excellent contribution laid the foundations for engineering & execution as well as conceptualized and designed the technology. Seeking to bolster the technology international presence, also contributed to tapping global opportunities.

  • In recognition of his extraordinary level of professional achievements and sterling contribution to the innovation, agile service delivery, increase business agility and ensure freedom of choice.

  • He played a pivotal role in invention & had also stepped into burgeoning industry of innovation.

  • This initiative has now blossomed into several sustainable development of technology, being in the forefront of various technical initiatives.

  • His ability to identify and understand technology is at the heart of his own success, and key to the success of those he assists.

  • He is an aggressive man who is constantly short of time, yet keeps himself updated with a keen reading habit.

  • He is known to possess a proactive and an aggressive approach to business. His gutsy nature and conviction have lead to company’s success. He has taken calculated risks that have time and again borne rewards for the company. He believes that “Problems are opportunities”.