Green Energy Economy Technology
R & D
Oceans are polluted by many different products, under different physical states, near shore as well as in full ocean, on the water as well as in depth. International knowledge and scientific considerations about these pollutions agreed that it is of the first importance to reduce the sources of polluting from continents, but also the necessity to recover urgently the large existing (plastic) as well as occasional pollutions. The problem is not concerning technical tools or chemical methods, but economical feasibility and process carrier means. Tar Kovacs Systems is offering the perfect answer to this situation by a self-contained submarine vessel, always specially adapted and equipped to work alone during months. Embedding a complete factory or laboratory with global needed processes, for recovering, treatment, storage, packaging and delivery, this vessel is guided by satellite data and needs no human intervention. Working on subsurface positions or at unlimited depth, it is also equipped to allow real time and full control-communication. Economically, these vessels can always be modified to work on different tasks, even for non cleaning missions like scientific or exploration missions.

Ship refurbishment: Traditional fisher wood ships will be modified to allow this important economical field to be more profitable and more efficient.

Fishery: a new technology will be developed to preserve and control wild sea species, and to produce natural species for the market.

Ship Building: new kind and design of ship will be started complying with greening programmes and economical needs of transportation and other activities.

Deep Raw materials: new applications will be started to exploit particular sea bed raw materials concerning world markets.