Stefan Tarkovacs
Founder & Chairman- Tar Kovacs Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Mr. Stefan has a degree in architectural engineering and masters in International project management from school of Les Beaux Arts of Paris. He has an immense experience in the field of architectural development across the globe. His personality speaks the leadership qualities bestowed in him. He has an outstretched reach in leadership of people working under his guideline. To make people comfortable and easy on the worksite is in his nature, which leads projects to the successful end. He has well in his mind that “successful project can be achieved by providing comfortable environment to all”.

  • He is best known as a “dreamer”. He believes that a dream is necessary to accomplish any impossible goal. He dreams the solutions that are compatible to nature. “To be with the nature” is his philosophy.

  • His technical ability is best defined by the solution he had provided as an in-charge of Riyadh Parliament cooling system designer. He founded an inverse cooling system compared to the conventional standards, well adapted to the sand intrusion and local dressing habits, high difference of temperatures and its inconvenient and a better transition of the building structure heat absorption. He started in 1977 early in his career new technical solutions to numerous fields.

  • He is blessed by the ability to analyze the global situations and market. A widely travelled man was back to Paris from eastern Europe in March 1986, when he analyzed country by country, field by field the global economy of that time and predicted the Berlin wall fall much before the experts could understand. After a deep research on the Soviet planned economy, he submitted his drafted memory to the Master degree jury on 9th November, 1989 in Paris- The day of the Berlin wall Destruction.

  • His economical market study power was justified after the Berlin wall fall, when he proposed to the Western European major companies to start business expansion to the eastern side which was executed in 10 years. This resulted in great success for the western European major companies.

  • Besides strong attitude, he has also a very soft corner for humanity. The coastal pollution by oil tanker “Prestige” in 2003 invoked his heart that resulted in his first patent as a solution which drew the attention of major European institutions. He has four international patents on his name. His innovations were remarked as “incredible” and it was announced as a patent with big market potential by British Embassy- Paris in 2011.

  • He received high attention by major international science magazines like CIS- Oil & Gas- Russia.

  • He found himself being called by nature to jump in the green solutions on boiling issues of the world.

  • His mind behind this project is to be on his back standing on a strong country to make a world market with clean technologies. This new market will create good job opportunities in near future.

  • As an individual he believes in serving for the nature by the qualities gifted to any individual by nature. So, he believes his prime duty is to protect our environment.

  • As a founder of Tar Kovacs Systems, he has concrete vision to reduce the rich-poor gap by the help of his innovations. He has another 20 patents to be registered to serve for the same mission. He thinks that the large rich-poor disparity is the root of poverty and corruption. If this gap is reduced and finally eradicated, it will result in complete socio-economic development of a country. His thinking is aimed at this novel target.